Our Name

Our name comes from the Latin, inspirare which means “to breathe into.” When you inspire someone you are breathing life into them. We exist to breathe life into our city - whether it’s through fun community events like the Easter Egg Drop, the Westfield Trunk or Treat & Hayride, or through our engaging weekend services (in Westfield and Tipton) and Squad Groups.

Our Four Elements

Every known substance in our universe is made up of various combinations of atoms known as elements. Here at NSPIRE, there are four elements (what some organizations call values) that drive everything we do...

Live Authentically

We can’t be who God has created us to be when we’re hiding behind a mask. Our lives are imperfect and messy, but we are pursuing and experiencing a transforming relationship with Jesus and each other. Choosing authenticity means cultivating the courage to be vulnerable, to allow ourselves to be fully known, faults and all.

Love Boldly

We believe that God’s very nature is love. Following Christ’s example, we seek to unconditionally love the last, the lost and the least. We choose to love what God loves so everyone is welcome at the table no matter who they are or how excluded they’ve been. In a society that has become increasingly polarized, we want to be known more for what we’re for than what we’re against.

Give Generously

When we live generously we have the opportunity to be co-creators with God and join him in the restoration of all things. Therefore, we strive to leverage every resource at our disposal for something bigger than ourselves. Because our treasure follows our heart, we invest God’s resources into His kingdom to help the poor and hurting locally and around the world.

Embrace Wonder

We invite questions understanding that the opposite of faith isn’t doubt, but certainty. We choose to embrace the wonder of an Infinite God instead of building a box to try to contain or understand him. We are created for wonder. Wonder invites potential. Wonder inspires. Wonder leads us to God. When hearts are awakened to wonder, it invites others to follow the same path.



Matt is a native Hoosier and an avid sports fan (Go Yankees!). He cheers for all Indiana teams and can name nearly any athlete or coach with ties to the Hoosier state. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Jennifer, and their two young children - Bronx and Kinley. As Lead Pastor, Matt is the primary teaching pastor on Sunday mornings.  He helps people get plugged in through serving  and challenges our church to remain engaged in the community through events like the Westfield Easter Egg Drop and the Westfield Trunk or Treat.

Tami is an Indiana girl through and through, but she loves exploring the world through both domestic and international travel.  She enjoys playing games (especially card games) and is highly competitive.  Tami joined the team at NSPIRE in February of 2021 in the role of Family Ministries Pastor.   She loves working with children and students and wants them to know that they are loved by God, created by God, and that He has good plans for them!   Tami likes to spend time with family and friends and would love to cook for you, if given the chance.